De-heading Solutions
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De-heading Solutions

Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis)
The machine is compact and can therefore be intregrated into existing onboard processing lines.

Advantages of space and cost saving vessels
De-heading units can also be fitted onboard and would provide the following advantages.

  • Catches of smaller grade shrimp are generally destined for peeling ashore. The head of a shrimp accounts for approximately 40% of its mass. In our opinion de-heading of industrial shrimp onboard, pre freezing, also provides a number of advantages in this regard:
  • 40% extra raw material for peeling ashore can be stored onboard headless shell-on format.
  • The storage facilities can take a larger quantity of catch, which means the possibiltiy of increased time on the fishing grounds and thereby reduced number of trips per season;
  • Reduced freezing costs in relation to the headless material destined for peeling ashore.